Monday, September 26, 2011

Griffith Observatory Photo Tour

Griffith J Griffith,  who had always wanted a public observatory in Los Angeles after visiting the free parks in Europe, sold his land in 1896 to begin his project. He donated 100,000 dollars to the city of Los Angeles and endowed the property to them, but unfortunately fell ill in 1916. Griffith left his estate upon his death to the completion of Griffith Observatory in 1919.  Completed by 1935, The observatory is still free except for special exhibits.

 Observatory Entrance

 A depression-era Federal public works program employed six sculptors to create this public sculpture. The Astronomers Monument, dedicated in November 1934, was hailed as one of the most important pieces of art to be completed by the program.


            The Ceiling above the Foucault Pendulum

A Foucault Pendulum. The ball swings back and forth and as the Earth turns the pit around it pins come into the line of contact with the ball. 

 Periodic Table with actual elements


 This is the lower level and was really neat.  it has a display for each planet and a scale you can stand on to see how much you'd weigh.
Telescopes < Lower Level 
> In the East Dome

The views from around the property
This is a really neat place and I highly recommend a stop if you are in the area.  There are 2 wings of displays of meteorites, eclipses, how seasons work, views of the sun, and not to mention the drive there takes you through a historic neighborhood with many beautiful homes, by the Greek theater, and through the park with amazing views throughout. Parking at the top is also free!

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