Monday, October 3, 2011

Seeing Classics on the Big Screen

Im not up on copyrights so didnt try to get a screen shot - Cast, Bringing up Baby

There's something special about seeing classics on the big screen.  I love TCM but somehow being in a room full of other fans laughing and reacting to a film just makes it so much better.  Ive only seen a few in my lifetime, but I have to say the Billy Wilder Theater is my favorite so far.

Billy Wilder Theater

As soon as you walk in you hear big band music in the background.  People of all ages from 5 years old to 80  stroll in, have a seat, and then total strangers start discussing what they've been lucky enough to have seen, their favorite classic movies, stories about the stars, everyone's happy, pleasant, it's like a parallel universe almost.  Large groups, people by themselves, all for the love of a great film.

On the wall

The UCLA Film and Telivision Archive and the Hammer Museum have paid a great tribute to one of my favorite directors.  I think Wilder would be happy with what goes on here and the joy it brings. I wish I couldve gotten a pic of the Sunset Blvd. mural but it was painted in angles so I couldnt get a shot where you could tell what it was. This opened in 2006, the year he would've been 100, and was made possible by a donation from his wife, Audry.

I think the greatest kick was watching the little kids fall in love with the movie.  "Baby" is a great introduction for young people because it has two of the biggest stars of the time and is so screwball it has everyone chuckling. I thought the kid in front of me was going to fall over laughing in the scene where they are throwing rocks trying to wake up Peabody and then Hepburn belts him in the head. :)  Ive seen this movie a hundred times but have never laughed harder as I did seeing it here.  Thanks Fox, Hammer, and UCLA for a great time.

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