Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Seena Owen

Its also Louise Brooks and Veronica Lake's birthday today, but i figured plenty of people would bring them up and I'm trying to expand my knowledge of silent stars, so here is another beautiful talented starlet that you don't hear about anymore.

Born Nov 14, 1894 in Spokane, Seena pursued a job as a film extra after her family's business went under.  Starting in San Fransisco and then moving to Hollywood around 1913, an old friend from Spokane got her hired on at Kalem Company, an early studio that had recently relocated to the west coast.

Most famously known for her role in 1916's "Intolerance",  Owen was on regular rotation during the early silent years starring in movies such as "Victory" with Lon Chaney Sr and 'Queen Kelly" with Gloria Swanson.

Seena was on Heart's yacht the weekend (that incidentally took place tomorrow in 1924)Thomas Ince might have been shot by Hearst, a juicy Hollywood mystery that I'm going to write about in a day or two. Unfortunately Owen didn't have the chops to make it in talking pictures and retired from the silver screen in the early 1930's. Owen spent the rest of her years screenwriting with her sister and died in 1966 in Hollywood, Ca.

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