Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Musso and Frank

I've wanted to go here since we moved to Los Angeles 6 months ago but it's kind of expensive so we held off going until a special occasion arose. Turning 30 seemed special enough, so we got dolled up, made a reservation, and had the best fillet mignon this side of the Hoover Dam.

A Hollywood staple since 1919, everyone from Chaplin, Fairbanks, and Valentino to Welles, Bukowski, and of course the rat pack have been regulars here.  I wish they hadn't been so busy as I had so many questions, guess I'll have to go see Manuel on a slower day to hear some stories first hand about the place.

They say the lamb kidney was Chaplin's regular order, and that the recipe used for their alfredo sauce was brought back from Rome by Mary Pickford and Fairbanks. Started almost 100 years ago by Joseph Musso and Frank Toulet, they say the only thing that's changed since it was officially named M & F in 1927 is the location - its main entrance used to be next door, but has since expanded. The menu is the same, the decor, the waitstaff in full dress, it's an amazing experience, and the food is excellent. There is so much history in this place it would take me pages to recap, but their website:  has all the gossip and myths, it's an interesting read.

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