Monday, June 11, 2012

My Happy Place

Everybody has that one place they go for peace and quiet, to clear their head, wake up, what have you.  This is mine:

You don't often see Grauman's COMPLETELY empty so that little window of time from when the sun starts to rise and before 8am seems almost magical.
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 Just me, coffee and cigarettes, and a bunch of little bookmarks in time of where someone amazing stood for one minute at some point.  Also at this time of day all the shops lining the blvd. have their gates rolled down and on them are painted the faces of Hollywood past. 

No tourists, no cars, nobody chasing you down trying to sell you a souvenir or tour of the hills, just a few straggling locals heading to school or work, and, if you cock your head just right, no glimpse of modern day Hollywood.  Best thing ever.

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