Friday, August 12, 2011

The American Dream

This will be my last post for a week or two as I am relocating to Los Angeles from Arizona.  So excited!

I am one of those people with an insatiable itch.  A need to move, a twitch that I develop when I stay in one place for too long.  The urge to run gets so bad it borderlines depression sometimes.  We started in my hometown of Louisville Ky, Then moved to St. Louis, Austin, Phoenix, and now, Los Angeles. I was thinking about all the places Ive been, all the times Ive started over with nothing more than a coffee pot and my guitar, starting out in each new town living in my car, then to a studio apartment, then moving up from there until the urge hits again, wash, rinse, repeat.

  It made me realize, America is the only country in the world this behavior would be possible.

The American dream promises us nothing more than the CHANCE. The possibility to do amazing things if you try really hard. In what other country could you completely reboot your life numerous times and not fall on complete and utter ruin? Ive had close calls, I've been homeless. I've been on the brink of throwing in the towel, Ive had the thoughts that maybe everyone is right, i should just stay put, get married, finish school, and do what they say im SUPPOSED to do.  But i've also received an education better than any course I've ever sat through. I've learned more about people as a whole in these 10 years than I ever wouldve if i'd just stayed put, lived the status quo, and I wouldnt trade that for anything.
Im not saying America is perfect.  Anyone who watches the news knows we have our problems.  We are a nation divided on many, many issues. But I refuse to believe it's something we cant overcome.  The main thing Ive learned from living all over the country is that there are good people everywhere. People where greed isnt the driving force, where differences educate instead of divide, and there are people still willing to put their neck out for someone down on their luck.  With all the negativity in our media that makes me just want to give up sometimes,  I still have drive and compassion, and they cant take that away from me.

Call me stupid, call me irrational or irresponsible. I call my self living my life the way I want to, and that is what freedom and the American Dream is all about.

See you guys in about a week!


  1. when I got back to the world,I traveled for 5 years. You are most definitely right,the education you get is unique. do it while you are young, or one day you will sleep on a pillow of regrets. A wanderlust must follow his muse, where ever she takes him. Good luck. You picked some great tunes. I really like S&G, and this is one of my favorites, with The Boxer being one of my all time favorite songs.

  2. Congratulations on the move, and best of luck!

  3. This is one nice song. It reminds me of Uncle Sam and why a lot of people from the third world dream of getting at least an ounce of dirt for their American dream. But all we can do for now is hope for America to get back to its economic feat once again.

    Good luck on yet another move. Enjoy!

  4. Got relocated and moved in in a week, now i can run myself ragged seeing all the stuff classic related ive ever wanted to :)