Monday, September 24, 2012

Alternate #TCM Party sources this week:

Disclaimer:  no one related to TCM is involved in these posts, my anti-virus approved these sites, the link worked at posting, the sites have their own disclaimers regarding copyrights, and some of these sites are pop-up supported and may contain mature content, always before the movie starts, so load the flick BEFORE curling up with the popcorn and kiddos. Happy viewing (and tweeting).

Safe sites will NEVER ask you to download anything. 

Please see for full schedules.
TCMParty schedule for the week of September 24:

Tues. 9/25   A Tree Grows In Brooklyn     7pm CST
Wed. 9/26           The Gift of Love                7pm CST

None available

Thur. 9/27   An Evening with Mack Sennett  

Fiddlesticks:  10pm CST

Fri. 9/28  Support Your Local Sheriff!         7pm CST (the 4th video on the page is working)

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