Tuesday, September 4, 2012

7x7 Awards

I was tagged by Classic Movie Man (thank you!) for what seems to be a "tag-you're-it" sort of blog event where we nominate 7 blogs, then form a sort of an ice cream social with links to others so we can all get to know each other a little better.  I'd never heard of this before, but it sounds like a neat idea, so here goes:

1.Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you. 
I will eat anything but seafood (its a texture thing). You remember that Life commercial "Give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything"?  Thats me. It's to the point where my family asks if I'm pregnant just about any time we eat together.  I can pack it away, and Im not very picky. I think it stems from my mom forcing me to try a variety of different things when I was young, and then life forcing me to get creative with ramen for a good chunk of my adult life. Im just hoping the high metabolism doesn't really hit a wall when you turn 30, or I'm in trouble. But seriously,  are you gonna finish that?

2. Link to one of the posts that I think best fits the following categories: 
a. Most beautiful piece: 
 I didn't really know which to choose for this category since politically leaning classic film blogs aren't something I think of as "pretty", but decided on a piece that was out of love and admiration.  I had a tough time choosing between the first blog entry I ever did about Chaplin, or this one about Peter Lorre, but figured Chaplin gets a ton of attention already, and Lorre deserves it every bit as much.

b. Most helpful piece: 
The Best 7 Bucks You'll Spend in Hollywood pretty much describes what it says.  Seriously, if you ever come to Hollywood, you can skip a good 75% of the over-priced tourist stuff (unless you just want the experience, then by all means) and go straight to the Hollywood Heritage Museum.  Its in the actual Laskey-Demille barn and has more history packed into it's little frame than the 10 top film studios, museums, and tours put together. And you should really witness anything with a 7 dollar admission in LA first hand, it's gotta be one of the world wonders or something.

c. Most popular piece: 
I should've expected this one, of course our most famous landmark is going to get the most hits. Im a small blog with a few devoted followers (that I love dearly), but this piece still gets monthly hits from all over the world. Which I just think is neat to be able to track with today's technology. Im enamored by the whole process.

d. Most controversial piece:
Admitting you aren't the biggest Monroe fan is close to suicide in the classic film world, apparently. I surprisingly got some not-so-nice personal messages on FB about this one, "how dare you call your self a film fan" and "you obviously know nothing about movies", etc. I wasn't even as smarmy as I could've been, I tried to be polite as Im well aware she's the high priestess of Hollywood, but, no pleasing everyone I suppose. And no one answered my question, either (why is she so special?).

e. Surprisingly successful piece:
The reaction to the piece about seeing old movies in theaters  was kind of surprising to me, as outside of Los Angeles I hadn't met too many people interested in attending.  It's my 3rd most popular entry according to blogspot's stats, Im thinking it could be the content and not the topic though, It was about when I saw Bringing Up Baby at the Billy Wilder Theater. Suggestion for blogsot - maybe get a keyword tracker so we can know if its our wit and writing skill or just interest in a really good movie that has nothing to do with the writer's opinion.

f. Most underrated piece: 
I started this out to be semi-political and try to discover where we went so horribly wrong in society, using movies as a clue to how we used to act and what we used to value.  But it seems the movie fans would rather not dampen the mood by turning classics political (even though a ton of them had serious messages to pass on), and the political junkies would rather not mix entertainment with their migraines. To each their own.  But this piece, about how Venice Ca has been screwed repeatedly by the powers that be here in LA, I think, is kind of important.

g. Most pride-worthy piece:
This entry is my personal favorite just because it took a while to research the info and compines my 3 favorite things, history, music, and politics. Its probably not the best written but I think it's the most informative, so, quantity over quality, I suppose. 

3. Pass this award on to seven other blogs/bloggers:
These are in no particular order and if I've forgotten someone I am so very sorry. 7 is not very many and I hate having to choose as there are tons of great blogs, but these are the folks I currently frequent and learn from the most:

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