Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the 1930's

I was born in the 80's, so sometimes when I think of all the things i'm learning from the 1930's it's hard for me to put it together in my head that these things went on in the same time frame. So i'm putting the 3 big ones from the same 3 year span side by side.

1933 Hollywood. One of the worst years for the depression. Don't get me wrong, I love Gold Diggers, but it's take on making it through the depression and what history actually says are two very different things.

Mississippi Delta and the blues. Completely different planet, yet released the same year. Listen to the lyrics of him or any blues musician from the time.  There was a quote from someone on youtube while i was looking  for this, he said "Do you want to learn about politics?  Play a Leadbelly record, don't listen to those politicians on TV".  Couldn't agree more.

I doubt anyone in my generation or younger would survive this today. Seems my generation is willing to put their feet up and put their hand out, and take whatever comes.  Across the pond citizens are overthrowing their governments, here we've become so apathetic we just shrug, say "oh well, nothing I can do", and let our liberties erode.

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