Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Introduction. Hi! How are you?

Figured I'd start by introducing myself a little. Im 29, live in the southwest, and have in the past few years become OBSESSED with classic Hollywood and anything from music to radio to politics from the 20's - 40's.   As I discover more great pieces of work from that era it dawns on me there is a serious contrast in the way the people from that time behaved and the way the people do today, and it's not from a lack of morals or religion like a lot of the older generation say because they were dealing with the exact same issues then. Since more often than not I find these stark differences angering, I decided to vent in black and white.  You'll probably find everything from new-to-me music and movie reviews, political banter, and a bunch of WTF moments as current society crumbles from greed, ignorance, and apathy. I watch the old movies and they are smart, there's creativity, a sense of pride in pushing boundaries and ruffling feathers, a consciousness on the power they yielded on society, whereas now it seems they just slap anything together they think we'll pay to see just once so they can make a quick buck, who cares if its total shit or not, right?

I've never written publicly before so this is an experiment for me,  mostly to get my thoughts straight and put some kind of order to the education I'm giving myself on the early part of the 20th century.  Hopefully if anyone ever sees this Ill get some feedback on where it all went wrong that makes more sense than "it's because there's no religion", "its because there's no ethics", "it's because of the government",  it can't be so simple as to have one single reason.  Im not religious, I dont favor any political party, Im just one of millions that is here, is working very hard to simply survive, and is so confused by what this country used to be and the direction it's taken.  Since Hollywood is supposed to mirror society (although they seem to be getting more and more out of touch) this is me, trying to understand, via cinematic history.

But I have to start with, since it has an effect on everything from what kids view as acceptable behavior to what our politicians think we the people want, what happened to Hollywood?

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I wish you well in your endeavor.

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