Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Think I'll Start With Charles.

The tramp. The eternal symbol of the underdog. He may have been a silent comedian, but you won't find fart jokes and ignorant humor here.  All of his films very politically charged and smart, even without words.  But when he finally did speak....

1940. No political party battle, no ignorance or fear of the unknown - he denounces dictatorship, greed, hate, and intolerance, in favour of liberty and human brotherhood. A bipartisan statement of what everyone in this country should feel regardless of race, religion, tax bracket, political party, nationality, and all the  other things that divide us now. Could you imagine any politician or actor coming out like this today? And watching this clip, it doesn't feel like an act, a play, it looks like a man that desperately wants this world for everyone.  Where are these people now, when we really need them?  No one would dare have the balls to be this blunt now for fear of losing a donor, a senate seat, a contract, or whatever else.  It's a window for someone born over 50 years after to look and see there was a time when someone, somewhere, had a head on their shoulders and wasn't only in it for personal gain. Chaplin was blacklisted from the country in the McCarthy era for his views.  I see a film like this and just think,  "Where did we go wrong?"

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